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Snake-Proof Fencing

Our installation of welded wire mesh fencing is designed to keep snakes mice, rats and other vermin out of all sorts of enclosures or areas. The small aperture meshes have a proven track record of keeping these unwanted critters:

  • away from your children, outdoor entertaining areas, pool, patio, pet compounds- dogs, cats, birds & reptiles
  • out of storage areas - animal foods, stored grains & hays, etc.

Our fencing is quite unobtrusive and blends into the background as well as excellent for burying below ground.

Our customers tell us:

March 2014 - John in Stone Canyon claims: “We installed 1/4” galvanized mesh to snake proof our backyard and our dog enclosure to protect our pets from venomous snakes. The previous fencing kept the dogs in but allowed snakes and other vermin to move into the dog area. Shawn’s snake proof fencing keeps snakes at bay without killing which occurs when using other means such as bird netting”. 

March 2014 - Marsha in Ventana Canyon area states: “I can tell you that the snake/rodent mesh has been great. The fencing was attached three (3) feet up our wrought iron fence and then six (6) inches below ground. It works superbly and since erecting the new snake barrier, no snakes have made their way into yard but we are still seeing snakes on the outside.”

April 2014 - Joan, Larry and their two girls from Catalina Foothills report: “Hi there. The snake fencing, installed by Arbor Tree and Cactus has kept our three children and beautiful dogs safe from very large rattlesnakes (4 ft plus). We couldn’t be happier. We have little doubt we could have a snake bite injury or fatality without the snake mesh … love the stuff”.