Commercial & residential landscape design, large saguaro relocation specialists,
native plant salvage, palm trees, exotic specimens, irrigation and tree work.

18 Years of Professional Experience with Large Saguaro Cactus, Palm and Joshua Trees, Agaves and Century Plants

Sales, Relocation, Salvage, Planting, Removal, Monsoon Cleanups, Snake-Proof Fencing

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Hi!!! I am Shawn Widger a second generation cactus-man located in Tucson, Arizona.

I started helping my Dad with his business at a very young age. I was learning about plants and transplanting before I was even in Junior High School. My Dad sent me out on-my-own at 14 to remove my first Saguaro...solo. I spent weekends and summers working with my Dad.

I have worked in the Landscape and Nursery business for 17 years before starting my own company. I do, indeed, have a long list of experience and knowledge. Moving more trees, cacti, etc. than I probably could even begin to explain.

I love what I do; working with plants and taking great care of them so they thrive for my clients and are healthy for years too come. Too many landscapers out there don't care. They just want a quick buck. They will almost rip a 40 or 50 year old Saguaro out of the ground. Stick it in someones yard, get their check and run.

With my 17 years previous and now with Arbor Tree and Cactus L.L.C. I have 23 years experience. All for your benefit.