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Agaves & Century Plant Services

You would be well advised to just admire the Century Plant as it grows and blossoms but you may want to call the Arbor Tree & Cactus professionals to handle the removal process.

From the internet we see:

On Nov 22, 2010, IMAMano from Scottsdale, AZ wrote:

Use caution when trimming or removing as the sap can cause considerable pain, itching and blistering when it gets on your skin as I learned two days ago.

After using a chain saw to remove and/or trim several plants my forearms began to itch causing me to rub them with the leather gloves I was wearing for protection from the sharp spines. My arms instantly began to burn in the worst way.

A combination of a shower, first-aid spray and Benedryl brought some relief but today both arms are covered in red blisters. Very unpleasant!

On May 16, 2010, TexasPuddyPrint from Edinburg, TX wrote:

This plant might be pretty to look at but I found out what a demon it is! Talk about the pain of hell and being on fire! YIKES!!! I had a friend cut back one that was growing in the back alley by my fence gate. I had no problem moving piling up the leaves but when I got the hose to rinse out the pole saw that debris splashed over my hands and arms. Talk about instant pain! My arms and hands were itching and burning! It felt 100 times worse than when you handle fiberglass! This reminds me getting zapped by an asp caterpillar!!!

I jumped into the shower and then applied some hydrocortisone cream. Relief at last!

It was only today that I googled for century plant allergies. Wish I'd known about it earlier!!! I had no idea this plant was such a demon! UGH!!!

On Apr 14, 2010, portorangeflorida from Port Orange, FL wrote:

I didn't know anything about this plant before I tried to prune it with a chainsaw. What a mistake. My legs and stomach were covered with an instant burn and soon after red and blisters. I have looked and looked for some answers to help ease the pain and a remedy but not much luck other than 4 weeks to heal. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Daytona Beach, Florida area